Smarter Studying

The Problem

College students come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains constant: When it comes to studying, if given the opportunity, students will procrastinate. They'll prioritize their social lives, extra-curriculars, clubs, campus events, and other engagements over studying, often resorting to cramming the night before an exam. 

Though cram-studying (cramming) has been proven to work for short-term information dump on exams, it is highly ineffective in creating long-term retention and meaningful learning. It's short-term effectiveness leads students to attribute their performance on an exam to actual understanding of concepts and course materials, but they are often unable to recall information shortly after. 

The Solution

A mobile and desktop note-taking platform that allows students to avoid cramming by studying gradually through spaced-repetition, where they receive their own and shared classmate notes as timely, generated bursts ("bolts"), served as notifications on their smart phones.


Illustrations taken from Evernote


The onboarding experience allows students to sync their class schedules and customize the frequency and occurrence  of when they receive bolts for each class. This allows students to receive class content at timely, contextual moments throughout the day, week, or semester / quarter, like right before an exam, on the way to class, or during down-time between classes.