INKLO — Serialized Short Stories
INKLO is a new, social reading experience that allows you to read alongside your closest friends. Writers on INKLO publish new and exclusive serialized stories, releasing a new chapter, or "episode," each week. Users follow along as each story unfolds before them, reacting alongside their friends in realtime to plot twists, cliffhangers, or the conclusion of an epic saga. 


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Follow Stories From Your Favorite Authors
As each contributing author on INKLO releases a new series or episode, fans can follow along, browsing through different genres, finding the perfect storyline for each taste.


Live Reading + Reacting
INKLO allows you to read alongside your friends and people you follow. You know exactly where each of your friends are in a series, and know when to avoid spoilers!

Live Reactions make INKLO the most social reading experience since book clubs. You and your friends can comment in realtime to your favorite parts of each episode, and use set emoji reactions to let all of your followers know how a particular part of each episode makes you feel.